Division of Biology and Medicine
BioMed Research Administration

Think BIG!

The BioMed Service Improvement Task Force has transitioned to a division-wide process improvement group that will continue its mission to reduce administrative burden and improve BioMed organizational efficiency.

Let's Get to YES!

Is there a process that you think needs improvement? Think BIG! needs your ideas and feedback; we are counting on you to identify opportunities for positive change! Feel free to contact a group member or submit ideas and suggestions to biomed-thinkbig@brown.edu. Please be sure to include specific examples and, if possible, accompany feedback with solutions. Let’s Get to YES! 

We value your feedback; however, we may not be able to implement all suggestions due to the availability of resources and other limitations. If you are interested in serving on Think BIG please complete an application and email to biomed-thinkbig@brown.edu

Think BIG Members

Name Department
Francie Emlen BioMed Medical Affairs
Heather Carreiro BMFPO
Michelle O'Brien BMHR
Brenda Slaney OGPS
John Umbel BioMed Medical Affairs
Leah McCue BMFPO
Victoria Delmonico MMI
Amy Cohen MCB
Kathryn Boots Neuroscience

Past Think Big Members

Name Department
Denise Capoverde, Co-Chair MMI
Mary Norton, Co-Chair BMRA
Christine Conway BMRA
Kathleen Sousa CARE
Elly Peimer MPPB
Tracey Cronin OGPS
Craig Grein BMRA
Rebecca Martish BMRA
Adam McGovern BMFPO
Karen Quinn BMRA
Diane Raj MCB
Joseph Rego Advance-CTR