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Sponsored Projects Reporting

A list of sponsored projects resources, including those from Tableau and Cognos.


Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool that enables you to create interactive visualizations in the form of dashboards.

A Tableau Dashboard called BioMed Dept. Proposals, Awards, & Expenses has been created for department managers. Security is built into the dashboard so you should only see your department's information.  There are two tabs one for proposals and awards and the other for expenses. A link is included below. If the link brings you to the main project page instead you can access the dashboard by clicking on Biomed Sponsored Project Activity> user specific view> click either Proposals and Awards or Expenses (both will bring you to the dashboard and you can switch using the tabs on the top left of the dashboard).

As you move your mouse over the visualizations you will notice a tooltip appears with additional information about the specific bar. In the Proposals and Award dashboard you can select type (i.e. all awards and proposals or those categorized as new proposals and awards) located to the right of the dashboard.

Brown Tableau Home Page

Access to Sponsored Projects Reports in Cognos

Access to run Sponsored Projects Reports requires access to both Coeus and Cognos.

  • For Coeus, you will need to have the role of "Brown Department Viewer" for your department.
  • For Cognos, you will need access to the "Sponsored Projects Reports for Departments" folder.

To request access to Coeus or Cognos, navigate to the Brown IT Service Center and complete a ticket.

How to request access to Coeus or Cognos

Sponsored Projects Reports Available to Departments

BMRA Report Guidance: List of proposal, award and expense reports to which Department Managers have access for department metrics. Included is a list of "most useful" reports based on data needs for departmental reporting and definitions to consider when running selected reports (i.e., lead vs home department). The table includes the report name, path to find the report, report description, and report data fields.

The Sponsored Projects Reports for Departments Folder in Cognos

Proposal Reports

  • Monthly Proposal Activity Report
  • Proposals by Sponsor
  • Report of Proposals by Agency Type
  • Summery Report of Proposals by Department
  • Custom Proposal Activity Report

Award Reports

  • Monthly Award Activity Report
  • Report of Awards by Agency Type
  • Report of Open Awards
  • Summary Report of Awards by Department

Proposal/Award/Expenditure Activity Reports

  • Standard Award, Proposal, WD Expense Report (By Lead Department)
  • Award & Proposal Activity by Investigator (By Home Department and includes Co-Investigator Activity)
  • Standard Award, Proposal, Expense Activity by Investigator (By Home Department)